Energy & Spiritual Healing


Welcome to all of you.

Thanks to a natural capacity, I offer Energy and Spiritual Healing to people wishing to improve their state of Being in the widest sense of the concept, since it involves the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects.

My approach is based on a holistic vision of Life, taking into account both the material and subtle aspects of earthly experience.

While Faith and Spirituality are at the heart of my practice, it's important to emphasize that a Healing session is independent of anyone's belief system - or even disbelief - and is not associated with any proselytizing, ritual or other "occult" staging.

What is an Energy / Spiritual Healing?

In a nutshell, a Healing is the transmission of a curative information from higher, subtle planes of existence - some would say "brighter", "higher vibratory" or "more spiritually advanced".

When the Healing is both authorized and welcomed, it generates a dynamic of repair, relief, cleansing, clarification, understanding, appeasement and taking back control of one's life.

In this way, my role is that of an intermediary, listening to and accompanying the person in a process of recovery and realignment.

It's in this sense that, beyond the dogmas and pitfalls of spirituality, I like to speak of "Energy and Spiritual Healing" in order to respect its sacred origin.

How does a Healing work?

A Healing session is based on my personal Faith, the emission of a pure and just intention and the transmission of an Energy acting positively on the person's condition.

This Energy contains the information to harmonize, balance, align, regenerate, cleanse, unblock and raise awareness of the Self, leading to an improvement in the current situation.

It's also important to note that a Healing session is equally effective in person or at a distance, since the notion of physical distance has no meaning in this type of approach.

What to expect from a Healing?

In essence, a treatment has the potential to positively affect the health of all living beings: people, of course, but also animals and plants.

It also has the virtue of helping to raise awareness of a potential message underlying a condition. In such cases, opening up to this message - even if it's uncomfortable - while taking practical action, contributes to long-term relief.

It can also be used to "clear" subtle body parasites, as well as to purify places "charged" with energies considered negative.

Usually, an improvement in condition is noted after one to three sessions, spaced a week apart. However, certain conditions may require support over a longer period, if the person so wishes (see below).

On this point, I must make it clear that no promise of results can be made.

Even if the condition is the same from one person to the next, the effectiveness of a treatment is never guaranteed "a priori", and may vary in intensity depending on the individual and the situation. As I explained earlier, the process does not belong to me, and if "Man proposes", only "Heaven disposes".

Finally, there are no contraindications to receiving a Healing, since it does not involve any physical contact, physical manipulation or substances.

How does a Healing session work?

I receive you in person, at the office or at home, as well as by video call, since the Healing works in a similar way remotely.

A session lasts about an hour, during which we discuss your condition before proceeding with the Healing itself.

You then lie back comfortably while I position my hands a few centimetres from your body.

For long-distance appointments, please find a quiet place to lie down after our conversation, and make sure you are not disturbed for the next hour.


Some profound conditions may require longer-term accompaniment, such as a pathological situation or a process of psychological/emotional maturation.

In such cases, one-, three- and six-month accompaniment solutions are available at preferential rates. Please contact me for further information.