Energy Healing, Spirituality & Accompaniment

The Healing - in person or at a distance - as well as the accompaniment and the various other activities proposed are intended to improve the state of Being on a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual level, participating in a deeper knowledge of oneself and a more fulfilled existence.


Who I am


Welcome to all of you!

My name is Stéphane Hebert and, thanks to a natural aptitude, I provide Energy and Spiritual Healing in person or remotely, acting on the physical, psychological and emotional levels.

My conviction - nurtured by my experience and the healings I've delivered over the years - is that we are first and foremost spiritual beings experiencing matter, the latter being one of the many fruits of Consciousness.

So, when the right intention is set in harmony with the right gesture, it's possible to interact with the subtle realities that make up and surround us, in order to raise awareness, enlighten, understand, unravel, relieve, energize, lighten - but also, and above all, whatever the experiences along the way - to sublimate our "Earthly Adventure".

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